The first registered cattery in Bahrain
The first CFA registered cattery in Bahrain

Boys and Girls

Persian and Himalayan

Larix's Roland of BFTF 

(Flame piont lynx, male, import of Russia)


Putchi of BFTF

(Chocolate point, male)

Eddie of BFTF

(Solid white, odd eyed, male)




Sobstoy's Guerlain of BFTF

(Seal point lynx, female, import of Russia)


Rarity Fifa of BFTF

(Solid lilac, female, import of Russia)


Admat Lets Tango of BFTF

(Lilac cream point, female, import of Australia)


BFTF Crystal

(Tortie lynx point, female)


BFTF Suger Cane

(Tortie lynx point, female)




Zara of BFTF

(Blue point, female)




Barebabies Odyssey of BFTF

(Solid white, odd eyed male, import of USA) 





CH. Purrbalds Bionka Barezpod of BFTF

(Dilute calico mink, female, import of USA)

Selkirk Rex 


Insider Heinrich of BFTF

(Red shaded, long hair, male, imoprt of Germany)



Insider Lena of BFTF

(Black shaded point, long hair, female, import of Germany)



Brilliant Spark's Doushka of BFTF

(Calico, long hair, female, import of Russia)


Dandy Curls Dreamy Jade of BFTF

(Silver shaded, long hair, female, import of USA)


Dandy Curls Lovely Amber Mist of BFTF

(Tortoiseshell, long hair, female, import of USA)


 Dandy Curls Emerald Wishes of BFTF

(Silver shaded, long hair, female, import of USA)


Snowy of BFTF

(Solid white, variant, long hair, blue eues)





Scotish Fold 


Rumfold Cedric-Chance of BFTF

(Straight ears, Silver tabby and white, long hair, straight ears, male, import of Russia)


Rumfold Sahara of BFTF

(Black golden spotted tabby, long hair, folded ears, female, import of Russia)

BFTF's Kit Kate

(Silver shaded / white, long hair, folded ears, female, Sahara's doughter)


Rumfold Nola of BFTF

(Tortie silver mackerel tabby, female, import of Russia)

Montessory's Colorado of BFTF

(Scottish Fold, straight ears, blue and white, female, import of USA)

Russian Blue 


Swaldiphary's Only in your Dreams of BFTF (Dreamy)

(Blue, green eyed, male, import of Russia)


BFTF Roco Baroco

(Dreamy & Rockabye's son, born in our cattery)

Swaldiphary's Rockabye Baby of BFTF

(Blue, green eyed, female, import of Russia)


(Dreamy & Rockabye's doughter, born in our cattery)

Maine Coon 


Pumpken of BFTF

(Red classic tabby, mail)

Gipsy of BFTF

(Silver shaded, female)



Sanmaurs Sami of BFTF

(Chocolate piont, modern Siamese, male, import of USA)



 Casanova of BFTF

( Seal point, apple head, male)




Sanmaur Galaxy of BFTF

(Chocolate point, modern Siamese, female, import of USA)



Sanmaur Samsara of BFTF

(Blue point, modern Siamese, female, import of USA)

Shaki of BFTF

(Seal point, apple head, female)

Sima of BFTF

(Seal point, female)