The first registered cattery in Bahrain The first CFA registered cattery in Bahrain

About Us

BFTFcattery (pronounced Buff Tough) is a home based hobby cattery, located in Juffair. it all started in 2006 when  we were trying to get a pure bred Persian kitten and couldn't find or reach one in Bahrain. So we decided to import our first couple of pedigree Himalayan cats from Russia. Then the issue turned into passion, and one couple became not enough, so we imported the second one, then even one breed became not enough too, so we imported a solid Persian, then Scottish fold, followed by Selkirk Rex.

It is a dream to be surrounded with all cat breeds, and who knows... it might come true one day, as whenever we experience the great love, and joy we are getting from them, and whenever we spend the most amazing moments in our life receiveing their babies after succeeding in breeding them, we always say: "We want more".